LIMBS is a post-hardcore outfit hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida. Formed in 2013 under the name 'Operator (FL),' the group was forced soon after to undergo a drastic rebranding due to legalities. LIMBS released their first EP, 'Admission,' under the new moniker in late 2014, to copious amounts of positive feedback. 

In 2015, LIMBS toured the DIY circuits relentlessly, and released two independent singles. On March 3, 2015, LIMBS released the first single entitled ‘Poison,’ again receiving immense positive feedback. On May 5, 2015, LIMBS released the second single entitled ‘Ruin.’ 

With 2016’s performance development well underway - including a successfully completed tour with post-hardcore legends: Saosin, and a spot landed on Texas' 2016 South By So What?! Music Festival - LIMBS plans to tour and record for the remainder of the year. LIMBS continues to execute live presentation with as much (or more) raw energy and emotion than what is illustrated in their music.

NEW CONTENT - UNreleased

LIMBS delivers a new approach to the fast-paced, aggressive genre through their new EP: SLEEP

Watch the music video for the debut single: EYES

LIMBS' new EP, SLEEP, provides a unique blend of modern rock and roll, coupled with thrash-inspired instrumentals and strong vocals.   


Listen to the band from the first material released to present-day. LIMBS has consistently managed to incorporate eclectic elements in their music, all while staying true to their roots and inspiration.  



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All music videos are co-produced between a reoccurring creative director, a trusted, set team of accomplished cinematographers, and the band. LIMBS strives to deliver an increasingly improved aesthetic with each video, while connecting the features in a pseudo-linear "tone" that provides continuity.   



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